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Jeff Seigel, founder of ActiveCaptain, writes…

This now marks the third year we're bringing the dangers of open WiFi to your attention at this time of year. If you connect to open WiFi routers at marinas or through long-distance "sharing" at anchor, please know the risks if you can connect without a password. You are putting your information and possibly your private email in danger of being seen and abused. The risks are real because it's easy to sniff open WiFi connections with software that any teenager knows how to get for free.

Here are the most common answers to questions about this that we receive:

– If you're using cellular connectivity only (MiFi, aircard, or phone) then you don't need a VPN. Cellular connectivity is encrypted and mostly safe.

We do not use our VPN's with cellular connections.

– If you have a centralized boat router that shares an incoming WiFi signal among multiple users and the router has WPA protection, you are not protected if the external WiFi is connecting to an open internet hotspot. You need a VPN in that situation. We always use a VPN in that situation.

In previous years we negotiated special discounts to a couple of VPN companies.

This year we're limiting it to a single company – Astrill. We still think that WiTopia is a quality company producing a great product. But they don't provide our users with a year-round discount. They will only give a 30 day discount and that's just not good enough.

If you have WiTopia, consider switching to Astrill. We have 2 Astrill accounts and it's all we've used for the last 4 months. The software is great for all platforms and we're still quite happy with their product after the 3rd year.

Astrill is providing a 10% discount for signing up. In order to get their discount, you must go through our web page so the proper discount is applied.

Our Astrill page is:


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Don't use open WiFi without a VPN while cruising. Know the dangers.


By Jeff Seigel

Guest Author & Founder of ActiveCaptain



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