Power Line Instruction (PLI)

Lumitec is a product development company focused on the conceptualization, development, and manufacture of extreme environment LED lighting. Their research and development facility located in Delray Beach, Florida has come up with an innovative, proprietary communication protocol called Power Line Instruction (PLI).

Power Line Instruction (PLI) is used to send control/configuration instructions to Lumitec luminaires over the standard power wires.

These instructions control the luminaire’s inherent behaviour. The protocol is executed over the basic 2-wire Powerline connections to the luminaire.

Behaviours such as brightness, color, color mixing, flashing sequences are some examples of control instructions. Luminaires can also be controlled as groups, for example, Cabin, Center Console, Floods, Downlights etc. or individually.

PLI does not require any additional wiring to a boat builders wiring plan, or specialized installation training and will work with any compatible digital switching system connected to Lumitec’s PLI enabled lights. Multiple virtual circuits can be created from a single hardwired circuit, allowing manufacturers to customize lighting control for customers from a single wiring plan. As PLI is designed to operate on a 2-wire system, it is cost effective and simple for boat builders to deploy.




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