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AIS – which VHF band ?

A commercial vessels AIS unit has two dedicated VHF receivers and one transmitter to which the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has allocated two dedicated frequencies,…

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Most commercial vessels will use radar and very soon every one over 300 gross GRT will have AIS too (July 2007). Why would AIS be…

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Who should have AIS?

AIS introduction schedule: Mandatory carriage requirements are set for all ships of 300 GRT and over engaged on international voyages, and those of 500 GRT…

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AIS broadcast data message – what is in it?

The information that is broadcasted by the AIS unit is sorted into three independent data reports and transmitted at set schedules according to the agreed…

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Laptop on board

I wanted to use the Raymarine C120 as the primary means of electronic chartplotting while on board – it is interfaced to all the instruments…

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