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Tracking GPS for £149 and 3G bundled in …

WPT250 facing left

We’ve all had those niggling worries about tying up our boat whilst we head ashore for a bite to eat and the thoughts of it not being there when we get back!

Tetra Boats are launching a new product called TenderTrack at the 2011 London Boat Show. TenderTrack is about the size of a box of matches and incorporates a highly sensitive 50 channel GPS and GSM data modem to allow the location of your tender to be constantly monitored on your smart phone. It’s waterproof and has an internal rechargeable battery that can offer up to 72 hours of operation.

Simply mount the unit on the tender or outboard (it can take temperatures of up to 70C, so can even sit inside an outboard cowling) and access its functionality through either sending SMS commands to the unit or through a simple web interface.

I don’t see why you couldn’t use this on your car or motor bike or even on your prize pot plant in your front garden – what a great gadget!

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EV Supercar is here – EV Super yachts are coming…

SRZeroIn my previous posts about hybrid technology I speculated about the cross over effect of the car industry’s recent experiments and the possible impact on yacht propulsion.

In a week where Toyota announced that it is planning to release 11 new hybrid vehicles and a rechargeable Prius model as part of its efforts to stay at the forefront of low carbon vehicle technology – we have the fantastic achievement of our very own Imperial College team who drove a modified electric sport scar (donated by Radical Sport scars based in Peterborough, UK) from Alaska, down the Pan-American Highway, finishing at Ushuaia in Argentina, a journey of 26,000km – crossing 14 countries in 140 days.

This all-electric SRZero supercar is powered by the latest in lithium iron phosphate battery technology, linked to a state of the art battery management and systems control unit. Making a total of 400 HP from its twin motors, the lightweight BEV sports car can sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 120 MPH. Thanks to regenerative braking units built into the zero emissions race car, the SRZero has an extended range of over 300 miles and can be recharged by an ordinary household electric outlets.


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Well that didn’t take long! – following my last post on systems for handling code-zero sails – especially while shorthanded, a number of readers sent me some interesting video clips from YouTube that I though I would share with you here…have a look – some are quite entertaining…

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Code-Zero furling for shorthanded sailing…

I was talking recently with a good friend who is preparing his beautiful Bowman 42 for a round the world adventure. He was describing the complexities of trying to navigate the various options for mounting suitable headsail gear to make the boat sail well; keep things manageable; but not go to far in terms of gadgets and untried systems.

I got quite interested in at least trying to get a list of all the options one might consider.

The first supplier that you might want to check out is Bartels GmBH. They supply a range of products for above and below deck fitting – but they also give a very nice description of sail sizes; type and load bearings instead of just saying “buy our gizmo it does everything”

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More gadgets…

Its funny what a response I get to my Xmas Gadget List from all over the place …one of the most useful products that was sent to me by a blogger was the Big Kahuna Shower.

bkimage• 6 or 13 Gallons
• Shower Hose: Long Coiled Hose
• Variable Pressure Controlled Shower Head
• Hose, Container, & Lid Absorb UV To Warm Water
• Easy To Operate – Patented Water Tight Lid
• 12-Volt , Submersible Pump
• Includes 12-Volt Accessory Plug



For those of us that dont have ultra modern yachts with shower fittings in the cockpit or on a sugar scoop stern – this is a really handy device. Of course the 13 gallon version weighs about 78lbs so you have to watch your back. But it comes in handy for all sorts of jobs around the boat – not least of which is passifying HWMBO if you dare to bring a fish you have just caught on board for lunch!