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MaxSea TZ – Downloading weather data on your sat phone 2 of 2

Critique 2:

So having requested the weather file – remember you are at sea – you then log off your sat phone and log on some time later.

…lets hope the signal is clear.


This is the credit I had before the call to download the email with the MaxSea grib file attached…..107 Minutes
MaxSea Grib Download4
This (above) shows the download of the email and the size of the attachment and the duration of the call…
SatPhone_Scr1This is the sat phone call in progress…the extra time is for the authentication … before the email download begins….
This shows the credit I had at the end of the call above…I seem to have used 32 minutes (107 – 75)…how did that happen…? !


Suggestion 2:

MaxSea should trial the file sizes; compression; and times required to download weather data at sea using the very common Iridium and other comparable services. I really don't think I will be using the MaxSea weather service out side of a home, internet cafe or marina Wifi connection!


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