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MaxSea TZ–Displaying weather data by received by email

This is the third post so far on the use of MaxSea TZ on passage.

Previous posts are:

MaxSea TZ – Downloading weather data on your sat phone 1 of 2

MaxSea TZ – Downloading weather data on your sat phone 2 of 2

Just so readers get my comments in context, please note that my critique is simply that – it is not a condemnation of MaxSea TZ – far from it, I hope to end this series by making sure I record what I think is so brilliant about MaxSea TZ and why I still rate it as the best planning tool on the market!. But like all products there is always room for improvement and I hope that my comments and observations will be received by the folk at MaxSea with interest.

Critique 3:

Having downloaded the MaxSea weather service Grib file all you have to do is click on the attachment to automatically load MaxSea (if it isn't already running) and the weather data is loaded up.. My comment here is simply that it all happens so fast I actually did it twice top make sure something had happened!. The problem is that there is no visual indication on the chart what weather data is actually being shown and in use by the software.

MaxSea Grib Download4 Just double click on the Grib file attachment to load MaxSea TZ and display the data…
MaxSea Grib Download2 But – you cant tell if the operation was a success or establish exactly what the date/time of the data is that you are viewing…

Looking at the wind speed here you can see why I am still in Falmouth using the MaxSea TZ software!

MaxSea Grib Download3 A simple enhancement would be to show the “as at” date time for the data being used by the planning software…

…er…wave height 5.49m – nice!


Suggestion 3:

MaxSea should display the “as at” date and time of the weather data being used in the two dialogue boxes  shown above. That is the date that the data was formulated by the modelling software in their weather service – not the date of the request or the date of the download or today's date etc….


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