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Is MAC the knife?

There are people who love Apple and people who hate them. No matter how you feel though, there's no denying the incredible success Apple has gained since the iPod, iPhone, and iPad product lines. Today Apple is the largest company in the world by market capitalization:

  •  Apple is bigger than the entire US stock market was in 1977
  •  Apple is worth more than than all NFL football teams combined (by ten times!)
  •  Apple is significantly larger than the GDP of Denmark (and Sweden and and Venezuela and approximately 160 other countries)

 We've had a long personal history with Apple ourselves:

  •  Karen was an employee of Apple doing marketing in the very early 90's
  • Our first company developed software for the Macintosh (real success came when we ported that software to Windows though)
  • Jeff met with Steve Jobs twice and had numerous conversations and meetings with Bill Atkinson, developer of MacPaint and HyperCard
  • Products that we developed were on the cover of MacWeek and we received a MacEddy award for software we wrote for another company in 1989

 There were years when we only used Macs and years where we got rid of all of them and only used Windows. Today we have both although our main laptops are both MacBooks (a Pro and an Air). We use Boot Camp to run Windows on the Macs for navigation software which works great although requires a reboot.

 It's estimated that 8-9% of computers in use today are Macs. This is interesting because the ActiveCaptain website statistics show that about 22% of the access to the site is using Mac/OSX. So more boats out there are floating with Macs than you'd normally see in other places.

 Because of this, we thought it would be a great time to talk about the Mac navigation software that we use on our own Macs – PolarView.

It's a native OSX application that uses the free BSB/NOAA raster and S57/NOAA vector charts along with a variety of international chart options. It's blazingly fast, creates routes that are compatible with ActiveCaptain, and has full support for the ActiveCaptain data offline.

You can even write a review for a marker while using PolarView.

 PolarView. has a normal price of $49.99 and includes a license for 5 computers. There is a Windows version too and you can use the 5 copies across any combination of 5 computers (Windows or Mac/OSX).  More info on PolarView including a free 30 day trial

 Right now there's a special price of $39.99 – but we're not done.

We wrote to the developer and November isn't a big month for navigation software so they're providing a $9.99 coupon to ActiveCaptain users between November 1st and 30th.

Use this code when purchasing: PVAC201211

 If you have a Mac, this is really great native OSX software and you'll find good uses for it.

Plug in a USB GPS like the GlobalSat BU-353 and you have a full backup navigation system for your Mac.

This is the only OSX navigation software with ActiveCaptain support.

 We honestly use this software for real. And often. It's quite nice to be able to run it without rebooting into Windows.

Karen and Jeffrey Siegel, aCappella, Castine, Maine


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