Seaiq Open–FREE iPad & iPhone charting app


IMG_0047The SEAiq apps are a collection of simple but powerful marine charting apps for iPads and iPhones. They provide common chart plotter features such as chart display, GPS, tracks, waypoints, and routes.

SEAiq Open is the only vector marine chartplotter app that allows you to use your own charts on your iPhone or iPad. It supports S-57, Inland ENC, and CM93 formats.  You can also purchase S-63/S-57 charts for anywhere in the world from the ChartWorld online store.

You install charts by downloading them directly to your iPad/iPhone or transferring them from other apps, such as email or DropBox.  For large numbers of charts, you can connect your iPad/iPhone to your laptop and transfer charts using iTunes following simple instructions we provide.

SEAiq Open is a free app.  Some features, such as display of charts with scale less than or equal to 1:50,000 scale (harbour), require an in-app purchase (a single purchase will upgrade all your iPads and iPhones).  You can load your charts into the app and confirm they work before making the purchase.


In addition Active Captain can be accessed in the upgraded version, SEAiq USA, and SEAiq Open.

If you have a WiFi enabled chartplotter then you will also be able to access your NMEA and AIS data in your iPad or iPhone at the same time.

Click here to see the full feature list.

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