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“How to” videos online….

You will be well aware of the many videos of various quality that are available on YouTube and on Google Video . The following sites are also of the community building type – but also contain instructional videos, and are worth a look too.

Video3SplashVision is a social utility catering to a lifestyle for people who live, work and play in and around the water! The emphasis is on media which connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use SplashVision to keep up with friends, associates and professionals surrounding water related lifestyles. Users can upload unlimited videos and photos, share profiles and learn more about the people they meet or want to meet.

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Xmas gadget list 2009

Santa It seems that my gadget Xmas gift list is getting more and more popular each year. I know a lot of the items are geeky electronic stuff – but there really is more going on in consumer electronics than there is in marine electronics – why are the big players so dull? The marine electronics business really seems happy to be dragged into the 21stC by the innovation and design and reliability and pricing that we have come to expect from the motoring, and home electronics business

So here is my 2009 list of stuff, some practical, some bizarre and some bizarrely practical 🙂

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“I want my VMG” why are we in Dire Straits?

In a previous post I complained about the inability of expensive chart plotter devices to calculate proper routes by assessing the correct Course to Steer (CTS) using tidal streams and wind data. If you are a sailing vessel then trying to steer along the “projected track” line that these plotters are fond of displaying is the least efficient Course to Steer – even if you are sailing dead down wind. To add to this issue your expensive chart plotter from Raymarine or Garmin or Foruno will be displaying a VMG that will mislead you into steering a poor course – and if you tack the chart plotter will not be able to tell you what your ETA is either.

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Hail, high winds and Natural Navigation

Natural NavigatorI have just been on a 1:1 course with Tristan Gooley aka the Natural Navigator. This was an inspiring and highly practical introduction on how to use your senses and natural clues to navigate – with no electronics in sight. Natural navigation is the art of being able to find your way solely by using nature. It encompasses using the sun, moon, stars, weather, water, land, plants and animals.

Tristan is an accomplished and well respected navigator. He has led expeditions in five continents, climbed mountains in Europe, Africa and Asia, sailed across oceans and piloted small aircraft to Africa and the Arctic. He is the only living person to have both flown and sailed solo across the Atlantic. He has a deep and passionate interest in navigation and also the ancient practices now all but lost to the modern world. Skills shown by the Tuaregs of North Africa and the Polynesian sailors of the Pacific Islands …insights from which he wove into the walk across the rather bleak South Downs in November!

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Navigating the Ocean Floor with Google Earth...

GoogleOceanI have a lote of respect for Google – even though some may characterise them as the Evil Empire2 (you all know who EE1 are:-)

But I think they are jumping the gun a little with the claim being made with Google Earth version 5.1 that you can “You can navigate under the surface of the ocean just as you can anywhere else in Google Earth. This means that you can explore sea floor terrain, such as deep ocean trenches….”

Ahem, I dont think so.

According to the help files here … “You can hide or display the surface of the ocean. To do this, click View > Water Surface. You can view this visual effect from above or below this surface. Note that you can navigate under the ocean surface when it is displayed. ….Tip – To view exciting content related to oceans, in the Layers panel, click Ocean.”

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